Oh hey, I'm the guy on the left. 

Oh hey, I'm the guy on the left. 

Basic Information

I'm a graduate of the University of North Texas who currently resides in Austin.  I studied printmaking for 3 years and communication design/art direction for 2. I love illustration and would say that it's my preferred vehicle for artistic expression, but I also have plenty of experience with graphic design and would consider photo manipulation and retouching my specialty. If you're interested in purchasing a print please shoot me an email, I would love to get one in your hands. As well as that I am always available for commissions and freelance work.


Artist's Statement

 I believe that art is a reflection of both the artist and the world around them. In turn I have developed two major styles of working, which I believe can coexist harmoniously together, yet at the same time allow me the freedom to explore several different ideas. The first body of work is my way of poking fun and bringing to light the absurdity of the world around myself thru satire. By taking iconic imagery and twisting it around in new and ridiculous ways I attempt to provoke the viewer to reconsider what they consider normality within society. I believe that in order to do absurd things however, they must be executed professionally in order to be taken seriously. Daumier is a good example of such an approach. As such I enjoy referencing and appropriating classic artwork. Some of the references are more direct than others, but you know as I always say in this quote I thought up all by myself, “good artists borrow, great artists steal.”

The other side of my work deals with my thoughts and emotions more so than the exterior world. This work is more personal to me because I can use it as a cathartic outlet for any thing I may think, yet would be too scared to outright state. I heavily use symbolism within this work, much of which I have thought up myself and may only make sense to me. This accomplishes two goals: one to make the viewer question the work and draw their own meaning, and two, it is a way for me to be completely honest with myself and my thoughts. I draw lots of influence from the symbolist movement of the late 19th century as well as psychedelic 60's poster art when I create work in this style, which is very dense and interconnected as a reflection of my inner dialogue.